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Concert and Class at Rice University

On September 26th, my LSU harp colleague and I performed a recital in Duncan Hall at Rice University.  It was a wonderful experience for us.  The hall is so beautiful to look at and the accoustics are wonderful!  The concert was well received.  Leone Buyse, professor of flute at Rice, and her husband Michael Webster had us stay in their home and treated us so well, we felt like queens!! One of my former students from the University of Wyoming, Carolyn Krysl Hutchison, attended the concert and came out to dinner with us afterwards.  It was such a nice reunion!

On Monday, Sept. 27th at noon, I gave a masterclass for Leone’s students.  Her students are all very advanced and accomplished which made the class fun and challenging to teach.  They also had me say a few comments about how to practice Ian Clarke’s Zoom Tube, since it is one of the required pieces for the upcoming Byron Hester competition, which many of them are entering.  Later that day, I also gave a class for Jennifer Keeney’s students at the University of Houston.  Hristina Blagoeva, one of my former LSU students and a current DMA student at U of H, came to the concert and BOTH masterclasses.  I was able to visit with her at lunch that day with Jennifer Keeney.  The class ended at 7, after which I had to drive back to Baton Rouge which made for a very long but satisfying day.

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